Custom Pieces

Want a poem to call your own?

A mindset reinforcement exercise that you can easily memorize and recite?

Perhaps a blank space on the wall that needs filling? A project you don’t feel like working on?

I’ve got you covered.

Send me a page or less detailing what you are looking for. Pricing information is below.

Need to woo some wayward lover?

Well I charge extra for romantics.

I’ll need a description of the target of your affections including an outline of their physical, psychological, and habitual qualities. I need you to tell me why you like them.


Standard: 35 USD per poem of average length

Romantic: 45 USD per romantic poem of average length


Lore Writing

Are you in need of fictional tomes of wisdom to spread across your story? Want to flesh out a world with lyrics or a character limericks?

Do you want to grab your readers with tasteful excerpts from some long forgotten archive?

I can deliver.

I’ll need a one page summary detailing the events or themes you want chronicled in the piece. If you need more space to tell me what you want the individual poem to recount, an additional charge is listed below. The standard price applies, see below.


Standard: 25 USD per poem of average length

Romantic: 35 USD per romantic poem of average length

10 USD per additional page of content summary