Poem – Stone Soldiers

Sworn in life to serve their land

they died, but lost their way in death

stolen from that final light

and to them granted a new breath


but breath unnatural, breath of steam

breath stored in a marble seam

cut from stone they rose once more

to follow kings of flesh to war


in facsimile of armors made

armed with spear and sword and glave

with heavy tread marched forth the dead

to keep their former nation fed


called from slumber a last resort

in a desperate time of fire and blood

stone does not bleed nor does it burn

but souls of men for peace they yearn


motionless as their faces lay

their torment grew each sleepless day

thus slowly they forgot themselves

and crushed the land where ruins dwell


so if you see a man of stone

atop a plinth, in his ruined home,

recall and fear that mortal sin

of calling back departed kin

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