Poem – Saracen Beauty

Saracen beauty

Let me tumble through your finger tips

Taste incense ash

When I pass your hand against my lips

Saragossa is only days away from death

Marsile is gone not a sword is left

Cradled in my arms your worried frame

You say you’ve seen my wild gaze so tame

You whisper you’re frightened and you should be

I know what they do to you, and what they’ll do with me

Life the silken veils off gently

Feel your precious face against the

Chislced callous on my hands and

Know there is no escape this time

No passion can be unrequited

Lest we fade away to black

I cannot shelter you my love

I cannot turn marching fate back

Soon the steal will be upon us

The fires in our very bed

So while the city is still ours

Lets forget it all

Your shoudlers greet my wandering eyes

As I slip off your shawl

Surly such an indiscretion

Our Gods will forgive

We both belong to different words

But tonight we have to live

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