Poem – Foolish thoughts to Ponder

I bow my head in supplication, to the King of every nation,

the one who holds all men’s hearts

in his hand.

On my knees earnest intent,

I speak the words of a man spent,

when before the master of all I dare not stand.


Here I am at the throne of God

and here,

I think,

of money.


Here I kneel to the King of Kings,

and my tongue,

it longs,

for honey.


Of such sweet things my vain mind sings

how can I know such distraction?

When be-fore almighty God

of whom I know but a fraction?


What is more enticing than, the mind of my Father?

How can I consider somthing

other than the potter?

When God is near,

His creation here

for me in awe to wander,

how is it that,

I find other

foolish thoughts to ponder?

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