Coarse it’s passed from me to lender

Never tender

Despite its name

Its fickle game


Driving gambling hearts asunder

Promised plunder

On the table

Seeming stable


But with one bet it shuffles past

From first to last

Wallets outturned

Players all burned


Turning through the air

Between the hands of smiling men

Over the faces full of wonderment

Followed by anticipating eyes


Dancing against the sky

Red and blue and yellow

Charming and perplexing

Hearing the cries born of amusement


Whistling above the city streets

Spheres of sand and leather

Coins clinking in a land bound cup

Children are our benefactors


Sky is raining iron

Into a dusty sea

Screaming fall of death and fire

Rushing down to meet me


Not a thing still stands here

Amongst the hazy black

Aloud I ask the heavens why

They bothered coming back


All’s lost in this desert

But few surviving cries

The roar of wind on flattened hills

And the stench of burning


Then all around is shattered

By the quaking from the sky

The world is split asunder

As the death fleet passes by


Crumbled stone to ashes

Steel skeletons to soot

The final bombing run is meant

To trample under foot


We would rise again

Were our city not now glass

Broken into smaller fragments

With every groaning pass


I fall retract and cower

Like a flower in the shade

I weep for my people for

Our necks have met the blade

Selfish Woman

A selfish woman does not dress for me

She doesn’t bathe, dance, or adorn herself with her lover in mind

Going about her day conceitedly

Not worried about the desires of another


She refuses the seductive garments

Her body never carries a new fragrance

The movement of her silhouette is limp, awkward, and carries no grace

She has never been lithe


If her appearance is refined it is only for her vanity

And not for my pleasure

The pleasures of the flesh are held selfishly in clenched fists

An eternal prude, a diminutive unhappy soul, repulsing the advance growing every more repulsive


A selfish woman does not deserve to be loved

She deserves to be used

Hardly worthy of any attention foisted on her

Like any self indulgent creature


I cast her aside for a better lover

For a girl with a generous spirit

Whose mind is occupied with my comfort and pleasure

Sensually moving for my delighted soul


Dripping with beaded strings and oil

Smelling of something new and mysterious

Eyes alight with youthful mirth and seductive glee

Harkening for the chase as much for the culmination


Teasing with the intent to please rather than any insecure coyness

Clothes so exciting and revealing

Sexual in their nature and execution

Showering the room in sex

In red and soft fabric, about the bed and around her shoulders

In delicious tastes and smells, her flesh, her fruit alluring

In soft seductive noises, her cooing, sexual tones


Taking my unbridled passion and submitting to my enflamed desire

Smiling at the height of my ecstasy

Competing to out amplify my sounds of pleasure


This is a woman worthy of devotion

Of love

Of something

Of everything

The picture of the selfless being

The image in the pool I paw at

Vainly trying to drink her in

Keeper of the Temple

In the temple neath the lake

A prayer I will make

To end the scourge

The joyless death

The gods left in their wake


On its barren stone

Chalked with blood and bone

I’ll sacrifice

My ritual kin

So I might be shown


Then from the shallows wade

My abasements made

I’ll climb the stairs

To tell them all

What transpired in that glade


I’m a hero I’m a madman

They see me either way

But my work done

My words spoken

They’ll praise me all the same

Jilting the Lover

I pick apart your worthless gift

You tremble at my voice

I cast you down no words uplift

For you there is no choice


You must run home recraft your scheme

To snare me in embrace

You must tread wisely lest it seem

Obvious that you chase

Friendship – A Warm Body

Untrusted kin, competing lines of conversation

Draw your pen, slashing words edgewise

Can’t sit quiet our egos need stimulation

Bragging mouths or a glowing screen always offer validation

Staring at their shoes

walking down the street

Eyes meeting even fleetingly a rarity


We long for friendship that doesn’t melt in my hand

We tire of being walled in by lonely people


I ask people if they are brave if they are generous and sane

They look perplexed

But they all answer the same


Darkness pressed against my brothers grating smooth and solid bodies

Clicking upwards incrementing climbing to the destined chamber

Name engraved upon my chest the spirit I am meant to swallow

Churning restless springs and clicking cracking breaking flashing streaking

Ever nearing freedoms doorway desperate man rushing us through

Great explosions drawing closer sounds of purpose echo

Every moment stronger throbbing each of us embracing fate

Open before me pushed right through tension breaks deafeningly


Then I’m spinning on an axis

Through a tunnel that ends in light

I’m roaring compensating

for all those years of cloistered silence


a flash of light and puff of smoke

a grand performer I emerge

pirouetting endlessly

in the arms of gravity


rush by all the world I’m whistling

sun dancing on my copper frame

the glories of the earth about me

all blur into a streak of grey


the man he doesn’t see me

he stands frozen with the world

his eyes wild with rage and terror

uniform pressed and handsome


I tear into him

The head of a lance

His eye the eye of the needle

I make to thread his skull


Stringing a trail of blood

Collapsing against his mass

Burrowing tearing Ripping shredding

His mind impedes my progress


A wet explosion greets me

I surface from him a disk

Flipping madly with momentum

Followed by a guiser of life


My purpose accomplished

Embedded in a wall

For some adventuresome youth to dig out

A hundred years from now

I’m Sorry Old Friend

There are many things which once lost can never be recovered

And time, among them, is my most sought after friend

I have thrown him aside and found no benefit in losing his weight

My trudging forward growing only more monotonous in my disregard

I cannot retrieve what I have lost of him

But I can enjoy him to his full extent when my mind is clear

When my eyes are open

When my thoughts are sharp I can cut into myself

And pull out more than others do

When most would pull away from the pain I can push in

I can make up for what was lost

For the many scars others endured

I will endure deeper ones

For the drawn out pains they have bore

I will feel a burning harsher than they imagined

I will bring myself to an end

And will revisit it a thousand times until I look back on those far ahead of me

Until I blaze my own trail to death, I will not surrender

I will not be weak as I was

I refuse to march slowly now

Across the burning sands of this hour glass

I cannot throw time away again when I now harbor the realization

That I am bound within it


Field of dust and ember

Choaking stench of earth

Trees like twisted needles through the wrinkled fabric of the earth


Lines in parallel

Men hidden in the womb

In the ground from which we are and which we are to be


And through the land bound clouds comes a song

A chorus of deadly voices

We meet it with the rabid bark of guns


Their helmets catch the little of the sun that this place welcomes

They burst through the smoke then burst into viscera

Paint the grey in red


Press against the metal sliver

Feel the heat before me

Feel the kick of every round


Scent the burning of my weapon

Smell the grave with each inhale

The sweat and the powder all mingle in this hour


Taste the terror and the hatred

Spit parches cracking lips

Run my tongue across dusty teeth and swallow the grit


A single moment terror

Finally a terrible peace

Then the wailing of the wounded


Run the belt through wet the gun

Relax my posture

Ready yourselves men