Poem – We’re of two hearts but of one mind

We’re of two hearts but of one mind

Written down true love defined

But face to face so void of passion

Despite our common thoughts and fashion


We’re of two hearts but of one mind

Soulmates true but fate’s unkind

To meet us each in broken state

To steal love after such a wait


We see it in our earnest eyes

Taste the hope in mellow sighs

Scent our bodies carnal fire

Unfulfilled oh cruel desire


We’re of two hearts but of one mind

Each glance recalls futures denied

A present lost a past regret

Its best we turn try to forget

Poem – Victory

Prepare your eyes for tears of laughter

Your cups to brim forever after

To loose your guard but for an hour

For finally we’ve come to power

Sheath the blade and clean the stains

Drink away the aches and pains

Embrace to breast all men’s delights

Dance deep into weary nights

Look around all look the same

Smiles show with our king’s name

Rejoice for now oppression wanes

Till war’s cry the mirth remains

Eulogy for Richard

I see you through closed eyes sitting at the head of a table

Magestiral posture

Scoffing about politics

Smiling at witticisms, smiling at your bride

With my eyes open you lay expressionless, but peaceful

Awash with some cool satisfaction

The cruel comfort that awaits us all

My blinking has you standing in your kitchen

Sidling past your beloved

Demure flirtation

Like reserved but amusing newly weds

Waiting expectantly for privacy

The sort of long burning passion

Idealized and idolized by youth

But still you are before me

Outside my mind’s eye

And still the silent electric gaze of your lover

Arching over you

Eyes too distant to rain

Cries to deep to be given a voice

You lived well and died loved uncle

Poem – Saracen Beauty

Saracen beauty

Let me tumble through your finger tips

Taste incense ash

When I pass your hand against my lips

Saragossa is only days away from death

Marsile is gone not a sword is left

Cradled in my arms your worried frame

You say you’ve seen my wild gaze so tame

You whisper you’re frightened and you should be

I know what they do to you, and what they’ll do with me

Life the silken veils off gently

Feel your precious face against the

Chislced callous on my hands and

Know there is no escape this time

No passion can be unrequited

Lest we fade away to black

I cannot shelter you my love

I cannot turn marching fate back

Soon the steal will be upon us

The fires in our very bed

So while the city is still ours

Lets forget it all

Your shoudlers greet my wandering eyes

As I slip off your shawl

Surly such an indiscretion

Our Gods will forgive

We both belong to different words

But tonight we have to live

Poem – Monsters

Wind oh wind

From whence you came

Blow the bitter sand

All once green

now dust and grey

A dry and fruitless land


Born by men

Or of the earth

Intention matters not

Wind cruel wind

From whence your came

We have all forgot


Buried neath the burning dunes

Are monsters


Mockeries of all that walked



They live and live their lives to die

Or slaughter


Twisted in the warm hands of

The potter

Poem – Wolf Pack

Mottled spotted fur

Yellow teeth grin at me

Inviting me to bleed


Rumbling of the cur

And brothers neath the tree

Anticipating feed


They creep forward

Stench rising

My sword drawn

Fatal swings

The adrenalin

The heightened sense

My opponents and I

Prepare for death

The wolf pack strikes

Thrashing claws

Soaring jaws

Red run eyes

Rolling white

Glints of metal

Jets of crimson

Lulling tongues in

Severed skulls

Poem – Pay the Toll

Pay the toll-

Pay the toll or die-

Youre on my land boy

Your not man boy

No fighter


Pay the toll

Don’t you want to survive-

It’s the cost of business

This turf’s my business

Its mine


Look in my hateful eyes

Look down the barrel of my gun

I don’t own the skies

And Ill send you there if you don’t pay up son



Pay the toll-

Pay the toll or die-


your blood can’t settle

when faced with metal

and fire


Pay the toll

Don’t you want to survive-


the deserts thirsty

and my patience

your trying


Empty your pockets kid, gimmie your bag

Sure call it a stick up my resolve, will not flag

Look all around your short stack and tell me what you see

There aint nothing no nobody no law no child its just you and me


Pay the toll-

Cash or soul-

Thrift or life –

Theft or scythe


Poem – Sharp Tongue’ed Girl

inspired by: Air – Robert burns

I was once young at some time in the past

Though no longer still I love a young lass

My mother was pretty but such insults she’d hurl

No wonder I fall for a sharp tongue’ed girl


First of my loves was a mouth full of lies

Blonde hair to her waist pools of amber for eyes

Her madness was plain but with skin white as pearl

I was blind to the faults of my sharp tongue’ed girl


Her bites and her scratches cross my back in patches

But I couldn’t stomach the look of her glasses

When for this I left her she thought me a churl

And thus I abandoned my sharp tongue’ed girl


Hungry for love desperate for a taste

I found a new warmth in a brownies embrace

Her lips taste sweet so I gave her a twirl

And found myself bound to a sharp tongue’ed girl


This one a tease, a light tawny prude

But she fell all the same despite thinking me rude

I enjoyed her lust as I watched her unfurl

And stole from the world another sharp tongue’ed girl


Though I’m now old my new loves are the same

Always at their prime and never are they tame

Even now I still bite, at each dancing herl*

And fall yet again for a sharp tongue’ed girl


*  a fishing lure

Poem – Durandal

Pull her from her studded scabbered

The mountain far from morish land

Those rabid dogs the thick contenders

Still shaking of the ocean sand

You took this land before

I’ll ask you to do so once again

Durandel bite and bleed and weave

Cut through the flesh of time and

Once again

Cut the chords of history

You fell the infidel

Deliver them to hell

Our anacestors beseech you

To weave again a spell

Our people are devoured

By the countless dark skin coward

When I lift you in my arms

Taste blood again

Poem – Abandoned

Dirty sheets, muffled walls

Once so grand a room

Sweat fogged windows cast a shadow

On a rusted sink

Recently they laid here

More recently they died

After secen generations

No one left alive

This ancient family manor

Has no man that shares its name

As the parents had no children

And the mother went insane

And now it lies abandoned

The last remnents of life

The final load of laundry

Fore the end of the wife

Shall soon be claimed by nature

Corpse mourning empty seats

The weeds climbing the cavent walls

Mold growing in the sheets