Poem – Miss Sten

shake for me baby
shake in my hands
I want to hear your bones rattle
I want to hear your metal spit dribble
onto the concrete floor
scream for me
anguish and love
bark like an animal
shudder with passion
I want to feel you kick with every touch
to rock with every round
to fight with every pound

Poem – Twang

Sultry southern belle

I watch you sizzle in the sun



my steaming frozen gaze

is stuck to suffocating clothes



pistol in the shade of your

soft abundant hip

bullets damn near boiling

bandoleered about your tattered slip


heated red across your face

eyes that whisper sex and grace


meet me at your blinding dawn

we’ll burn away the sky


Poem – Electric Engine Motorcycle

It’s economical

it’s friendly

hipster boys will think you trendy.


crouched on its faux leather seat

not “cool” par-say, but neat

feet an inch above the street in plastic cones…


but does it roar?
does it sing that animal song?
does it make the weak seem strong?

does it scream through thrumming pistons,
biting at the road?

can it sit all alone,
glare with growling eyes of chrome
yet charm you like a lost dog
make you want to take it home?

Poem – Colt Navy

flashing powder
is a beautiful sight
it makes me hold my wallet tight

lest my dollars think to bolt
to purchase yet another colt

the hammer swinging home

scuffed stained wood on faded chrome

If I’d bought it (and now I might)

I’d hold it close to me all night.



Poem – Dead Man’s Painting

Love and life they give you meaning

little bird all dressed in red

sealed behind a wall of oil

hearer of the soft words said


you’re a memory

a dedication

of a life no longer here

a reminder of a missing face

one full of smiles

one free of fear

Poem- Read Me With Wine

I go well with liquor

I’m a friend of wine


When I’m read with heavy head

I’ll take you far from time.


I’ll spike your dreams with monsters

swill nightmares and love


and when you wake my words will be

the ones you will think of.

Poem – A Sea of Skulls: Horde

Amid the green is chanting

over the hill heads sway

the rowdy toughs, growl and yell

the giant twisted fey


Eyes all full of lust

for women for land for blood

they poison air with foul stench

and paint the road with mud


Near to civilization

our calm defenseless home

they march nearly unorganized

lumbering too and fro


We’re racing round the tree line

horses hooves like thunder

lances punching silently

as we emerge from cover


No choice but to defeat them

less all we have be lost

we charge with mighty battle cry

and make them count the loss

Poem – Vile Joy

Vile joy oh bloody pleasure

Has me fainting with delight

Never have I seen such pressure

Brought upon a man in flight

Fleeing like a wasted mongrel

Freshly kicked and rightly spurred

Intolerable for its weakness

Pay the price oh fiendish cur

He fell in shade on Russian glade

Head crashing in the pungent wood

Screaming like a new born infant

Crying as no grown man should

Pascal with his lack of pity

Fell upon our babbling prey

Who begged our mercy and compliance

As if he had earned some say

Pascal laughing at his defiance

Brought his mighty rifle down

And with that single hammer blow

Exploded brains spewed ove’ the ground

Such was the sound and viscera that

Pascal stood there in shock

And all of us his favored kin

The forest our laughter rocked

Poem – Reveille

Sleep the silver moon is cooing

Soothing winds from sovereign lips

And her light it dims the sparking

Stars a lonesome comet flits


Sleep the skyward sea drains calmly

Shadows merging all below

Northern lights like scratches tally

The countless lights within the flow


Close your eyes it’s late for rising

Hear night sing the insects song

The lights out the window lying

To the dark man does not belong


Spare the lonesome cry of crime

The bustle of the streets is gone

You will close your eyes in time

The aging day exuding calm


Sleep son the fire of morn approaches

A tired man cant face the day

A night misspent your life it poaches

As to rest you do not have say


You’re not the sky always in motion

Close your eyes and die to time

Sleep son join the twighlight

For open eyes the suns a sign