Teeth are my Obsession


Teeth are my obsession really; the muse that takes shelter behind fleshy lips. Teeth are my life and livelihood. My every desperation and inner calling is answered by their glistening white snapping. Teeth are things to be treasured. Polished like precious stones and groomed like prized fur. They are magnificent, some say magical, and always deserving of awe. There was no formative incident that triggered so genuine an affection; it has been with me since I can remember.

I could be doing anything, petting the dog or playing with my little sister, and all activities would inevitably lead to exploring my periodontal predilections. I would find my fingers running across the canines of my whining companion, my fingernails clicking over her youthful molars, my mind distant and enraptured; then I would find a welt growing where my mother struck me for “going at it again.” As if this innocent curiosity was somehow dirty or erotic. I was but a child I did not think of such things! Yet I never felt the need to justify my interest, for who could deny the carnal majesty of the central incisor, or the coy beauty of bicuspids?

Being of less than average potential, my parents told me with teeth cruelly clapping with each loud decisive syllable, that dentistry was out of the question. That the education that the medical profession entailed would be quite impossible for me to accomplish.

I laughed in their faces.

I laughed with such mirth that I paraded my palatoglossal arch. With a force that sent saliva spiraling out before me in a dancing arc. I frothed with that incredible generosity born of absurdity. Within six years I had, despite my supposed lack of intelligence, defied every expectation. Brilliant they called me, but I never heard it, all that echoed in my mind were the grinding caresses and sharp compresses of my alabaster lovers.

I do love teeth.

Smile for me.


Poem – Today

Today I will do something else

Today predicts tomorrows health

Today belongs not to the past

I live this day for it flees fast


Nevermind the wasted hours

Nevermind the callow youth

Nevermind my dull routine

I’ll work now for rewards unseen


Today Ill try fix all mistakes

Today not time enough to do


Today is but the starting line

To take my dull life and make it fine

Rat Lick

The rat licks.

In that lick is meaning. In that swipe of the tongue it learns.

Lick the rat.


The rat tastes you.

It tastes your wet skin. Delights in the fear secreted through your sweat glands. Nurtures its young with the tongue in its devouring mouth.

Taste the rat.


The rat knows you.

Now mingling with its saliva is the truth. Your emotions distilled into chemical compounds. Your thoughts given form.

Know the rat.