Sky is raining iron

Into a dusty sea

Screaming fall of death and fire

Rushing down to meet me


Not a thing still stands here

Amongst the hazy black

Aloud I ask the heavens why

They bothered coming back


All’s lost in this desert

But few surviving cries

The roar of wind on flattened hills

And the stench of burning


Then all around is shattered

By the quaking from the sky

The world is split asunder

As the death fleet passes by


Crumbled stone to ashes

Steel skeletons to soot

The final bombing run is meant

To trample under foot


We would rise again

Were our city not now glass

Broken into smaller fragments

With every groaning pass


I fall retract and cower

Like a flower in the shade

I weep for my people for

Our necks have met the blade

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