Poem – Foolish thoughts to Ponder

I bow my head in supplication, to the King of every nation,

the one who holds all men’s hearts

in his hand.

On my knees earnest intent,

I speak the words of a man spent,

when before the master of all I dare not stand.


Here I am at the throne of God

and here,

I think,

of money.


Here I kneel to the King of Kings,

and my tongue,

it longs,

for honey.


Of such sweet things my vain mind sings

how can I know such distraction?

When be-fore almighty God

of whom I know but a fraction?


What is more enticing than, the mind of my Father?

How can I consider somthing

other than the potter?

When God is near,

His creation here

for me in awe to wander,

how is it that,

I find other

foolish thoughts to ponder?

Envied and Reviled

Who envies the woman reviled by her kind

Devoid of some social spark deemed essential


She is so often silently aware in her youth

Growing angrily so with age

Collapsing like an egg when she’s small

Recoiling like a viper in due time


Unless she finds a precarious throne

She is alone but for her suitors

Who merrily annoy her until their intentions are made clear


All her heart is set aside for a lover

And all the loyalty the more fortunate innumerably divide

All her tears were spent on fools

She is the sweet fruit for the vanquisher

The perfect mate for the truly strong

The zealous patron of a fiery man

Is this broken woman adrift

Purity preserved

Passion untouched


Envied and reviled by her kind