Poem – Catching a Nightmare

You’ll never know my inside

You don’t know my insight

Never appreciate my sacrifice

Being a good man is a sacrifice-


-I could be a bad man

Easy for me to be a bad man

I have before, been a bad man

a cruel man a bad man


That’s why you love me

Start a fight then want to love me

but I just want to break you


You’re chasing madness

you’re chasing a dream

you’re chasing me

catching a nightmare


Poem – Miss Sten

shake for me baby
shake in my hands
I want to hear your bones rattle
I want to hear your metal spit dribble
onto the concrete floor
scream for me
anguish and love
bark like an animal
shudder with passion
I want to feel you kick with every touch
to rock with every round
to fight with every pound

Poem – Twang

Sultry southern belle

I watch you sizzle in the sun



my steaming frozen gaze

is stuck to suffocating clothes



pistol in the shade of your

soft abundant hip

bullets damn near boiling

bandoleered about your tattered slip


heated red across your face

eyes that whisper sex and grace


meet me at your blinding dawn

we’ll burn away the sky


Poem – Dalliance

Her shop was in a city

Neath a giant number four

At first she seemed a pleasant sort

But I found her out the whore


She said she saught adventure

That she’d not stand a bore

And I can understand that

But I’m rotten to the core


A new man every day she had

And between every chore

She was quite a generous lover

So I came back for more


Hated by wives and mothers

As suitors never left her poor

But money never stopped a woman

From settling a score


And on one of her risqué evenings

Through her bodware tore

An angry wife with a knife

And my play mate was no more


So if you meet such a kind woman

One with an open door

Enjoy her while you have her mate

Cause she’ll be dead.

Poem – We’re of two hearts but of one mind

We’re of two hearts but of one mind

Written down true love defined

But face to face so void of passion

Despite our common thoughts and fashion


We’re of two hearts but of one mind

Soulmates true but fate’s unkind

To meet us each in broken state

To steal love after such a wait


We see it in our earnest eyes

Taste the hope in mellow sighs

Scent our bodies carnal fire

Unfulfilled oh cruel desire


We’re of two hearts but of one mind

Each glance recalls futures denied

A present lost a past regret

Its best we turn try to forget

Poem – Saracen Beauty

Saracen beauty

Let me tumble through your finger tips

Taste incense ash

When I pass your hand against my lips

Saragossa is only days away from death

Marsile is gone not a sword is left

Cradled in my arms your worried frame

You say you’ve seen my wild gaze so tame

You whisper you’re frightened and you should be

I know what they do to you, and what they’ll do with me

Life the silken veils off gently

Feel your precious face against the

Chislced callous on my hands and

Know there is no escape this time

No passion can be unrequited

Lest we fade away to black

I cannot shelter you my love

I cannot turn marching fate back

Soon the steal will be upon us

The fires in our very bed

So while the city is still ours

Lets forget it all

Your shoudlers greet my wandering eyes

As I slip off your shawl

Surly such an indiscretion

Our Gods will forgive

We both belong to different words

But tonight we have to live

Poem – Sharp Tongue’ed Girl

inspired by: Air – Robert burns

I was once young at some time in the past

Though no longer still I love a young lass

My mother was pretty but such insults she’d hurl

No wonder I fall for a sharp tongue’ed girl


First of my loves was a mouth full of lies

Blonde hair to her waist pools of amber for eyes

Her madness was plain but with skin white as pearl

I was blind to the faults of my sharp tongue’ed girl


Her bites and her scratches cross my back in patches

But I couldn’t stomach the look of her glasses

When for this I left her she thought me a churl

And thus I abandoned my sharp tongue’ed girl


Hungry for love desperate for a taste

I found a new warmth in a brownies embrace

Her lips taste sweet so I gave her a twirl

And found myself bound to a sharp tongue’ed girl


This one a tease, a light tawny prude

But she fell all the same despite thinking me rude

I enjoyed her lust as I watched her unfurl

And stole from the world another sharp tongue’ed girl


Though I’m now old my new loves are the same

Always at their prime and never are they tame

Even now I still bite, at each dancing herl*

And fall yet again for a sharp tongue’ed girl


*  a fishing lure

Poem – Love in the Catacombs

Slip off your gloves and join me

Discard your dry lament

Dance in the damp womb of the earth

Whence all the dead are sent


Let us laugh and frolic

Yell at the tittering in the dark

I’ll douse the candle and explore you

Then let your swift palm hit its mark


Giggles echo down the corridors

Smiles broad as all the skulls

We’ll cajole forgotten ancestors

With cooing lover’s calls


Then surrender yourself to me

Sweet kisses in the tomb

When we hear a clatter then we’ll flee

From some imagined doom

Poem – Lover

Prancing light upon a diamond

Cast your warm refractions here

Let me feel the sunlight splitting

Diffusing to a rainbow smear


You the object of my gazing

Hasten earth to abaondon light

I not tire’ing of your splendor

Our true pleasure comes at night


My pale hand round your amber throat

Your own hands held in my restraint

You my slave my love my treasure

Your humble moans of passion faint


You my sun cannot be battled

Dreams and photos fade with time

Never hide from me your colors

Never shade your light its mine

Selfish Woman

A selfish woman does not dress for me

She doesn’t bathe, dance, or adorn herself with her lover in mind

Going about her day conceitedly

Not worried about the desires of another


She refuses the seductive garments

Her body never carries a new fragrance

The movement of her silhouette is limp, awkward, and carries no grace

She has never been lithe


If her appearance is refined it is only for her vanity

And not for my pleasure

The pleasures of the flesh are held selfishly in clenched fists

An eternal prude, a diminutive unhappy soul, repulsing the advance growing every more repulsive


A selfish woman does not deserve to be loved

She deserves to be used

Hardly worthy of any attention foisted on her

Like any self indulgent creature


I cast her aside for a better lover

For a girl with a generous spirit

Whose mind is occupied with my comfort and pleasure

Sensually moving for my delighted soul


Dripping with beaded strings and oil

Smelling of something new and mysterious

Eyes alight with youthful mirth and seductive glee

Harkening for the chase as much for the culmination


Teasing with the intent to please rather than any insecure coyness

Clothes so exciting and revealing

Sexual in their nature and execution

Showering the room in sex

In red and soft fabric, about the bed and around her shoulders

In delicious tastes and smells, her flesh, her fruit alluring

In soft seductive noises, her cooing, sexual tones


Taking my unbridled passion and submitting to my enflamed desire

Smiling at the height of my ecstasy

Competing to out amplify my sounds of pleasure


This is a woman worthy of devotion

Of love

Of something

Of everything

The picture of the selfless being

The image in the pool I paw at

Vainly trying to drink her in