Poem – The Flowering of Ruins

Aqua flower here it blooms

nestled in a thrown of reeds

luminescent on a pond

buried neath a sky of trees


soft and faerie, light it shows

the path through broken column rows

a thing of beauty, that knows no day

the lovely child of decay


for it was once pruned

from midst walkway stone

but aside from ghosts

is now alone


with majesty

it stands,  a stave

an epitaph

on an empire’s grave

Poem – Temple of a Dead god

Yawning mouth of stone

and eyes once set alight

the vacant home of false gods worshiped

still stands here day and night


here poor imitators,

were worshiped all the same

blood coursed down these stone’d steps

in a scowling blood god’s name


all his worshipers are ashes

rites unremembered dust

nothing but this tomb of sin

remain of misspent trust

Poem – Prisoner

I the prisoner.

All I’ve known is the yellow glow

Electric luminescence

Boards that crack and floor that creeks

Pain a constant presence

My cold damp cell

My living hell

No words express

I know none

My broken legs

The taste of eggs

A smiles just

An empty reaction

If I remembered someone

Other than my father grandfather

If there was another man alive in the

World I’d beg for salvation

I can’t stand living

But for some reason I refuse to die

I wax and wane a battered flame

Bereft by wind but still alive

But still alive no one’s coming

But still alive no one’s coming to save me

I’m big enough to wear chains

Despite the agony I grow

Al Du Ai

Near black grey and sulpter

Above the water

Circling carrion birds do cry

Ocean black in its depth

Carases the neck

The cliff face of al du ai

Here no waves crash

The only splash

The dip of the birds into sea

To pick at the body

Dressed in robes so gaudy

The man who sought to be me

I am the king of al du ai

And at my noble behest

The imposter wwas thrown from our mighty shore

People’ve been thrown for less