Poem – Talk

I walk directed through the streets

A voice guiding me where to go

People my gaze they do not meet

Their faces fearful and alone


In every silent corridor

In every gaze cast to the ground

The dour shame the want for more

For what they search remains unfound


In each quiet fearful crowd

A misanthrope could find a brother

The buzz of headphones can seem loud

Muted youth in colors smothered


I catch a gasp of hopeful air

When with a steely pair of eyes I lock

That at least one other stranger dare

To defy the norms and talk

Poem – Professor

The man whose favor I must curry

Alight with all his righteous fury

Academic blind to his hate

Humbly thinking himself great


He adores the adoration

Of those, stired by his conflagration

Every one that thinks the same

Us that don’t must feign a tame-

Complacement attitude about

What he says that we do doubt

Pretend to see a wisdom fair

When there is in fact nothing there


But the teacher’s job is to oppress

To slander lie and crush unless

The rebel totes the party line

The drivel they can get behind


Freedom means naught to a dean

They’ll ensure nothing else is seen

They claim they wish to spare offense

They strangle speech this their defense


While once they rose they now slip down

And soon we’ll steal their gilded crown

This wicked trash will not retire

It will be cast into the fire


Archways hallowed

Dimly lit

From the confessional a quiet fit

Church assailed

Girl seeking shelter

From the hand of cards, God help her

Sins are spoken

Penance due

But absolutions don’t sing true

The alter christos

Blasphemous saint

His false words a soulful taint

A stolen place

An unearned roll

And on the flock it takes its toll

Fake his message

In foreign tongue

And from the pockets all coin wrung