Poem – A Raging Cloud of Steel and Man

A raging cloud of steel and man

That rushed the valley shore

That once for all decided fate

And saved our land from war

They held proudly our good neighbors

They held up their pact

They did not abandon us

To be pillaged and sacked

I the king’s advisor

Humble noted I was wrong

That our alliance was not so foolish

That our bonds were in fact strong

At least I wish it were so

I prayed I’d find fault

That the king was right to take up arms

Of the neighboring nation’s cult

But on the valley shore

No steel or man did show

And we were torn asunder

The blood of our men did flow

A Collision With Fantasy

Through the forest speeds a motorcycle

One riding without wheels

An avalanche of bitter things

On its metal heels

A woman’s voice calls to me

It shakes the very world

I ignore it but see reality

Around me melt and swirl

The vivid image tainted by

Ugly urban grey

Fluorescent lighting dims the sun

In its sickly way

Yet again she calls me

The motor cycle dances

All the butterfly face me

With expression of surprise

I’m being asked a question

My teacher looking stern

I don’t know I don’t give a shit

I’m ejected from the class

I’ll do anything to escape that boring mass

Poem – Today

Today I will do something else

Today predicts tomorrows health

Today belongs not to the past

I live this day for it flees fast


Nevermind the wasted hours

Nevermind the callow youth

Nevermind my dull routine

I’ll work now for rewards unseen


Today Ill try fix all mistakes

Today not time enough to do


Today is but the starting line

To take my dull life and make it fine

Rat Lick

The rat licks.

In that lick is meaning. In that swipe of the tongue it learns.

Lick the rat.


The rat tastes you.

It tastes your wet skin. Delights in the fear secreted through your sweat glands. Nurtures its young with the tongue in its devouring mouth.

Taste the rat.


The rat knows you.

Now mingling with its saliva is the truth. Your emotions distilled into chemical compounds. Your thoughts given form.

Know the rat.