Poem – Death of a Poet

Based on events from A Throne of Bones

A mortally wounded flier, upon returning to his forest home meets the weeping bride of his distant youth. Instead of relishing these precious moments he icily reacts to her desperate attempts to soothe his passing with song. His bitter knowledge of the coming ruin speaks through this final soliloquy.

Sing to me your swan song

sing to me your lie

spread your pretty lips let out

the swaying locust cry


drown out all the ringing in

my battle damaged ears

let it soothe the killing wound

and soon reali-zed fears


I want to now feel hopeful

for hopes lost yesterday

lie to me, sing your sweet lies

until I pass away

Poem – A Sea of Skulls: Horde

Amid the green is chanting

over the hill heads sway

the rowdy toughs, growl and yell

the giant twisted fey


Eyes all full of lust

for women for land for blood

they poison air with foul stench

and paint the road with mud


Near to civilization

our calm defenseless home

they march nearly unorganized

lumbering too and fro


We’re racing round the tree line

horses hooves like thunder

lances punching silently

as we emerge from cover


No choice but to defeat them

less all we have be lost

we charge with mighty battle cry

and make them count the loss

Poem – Hag

Neath the bustle of the streets

A silent huntress lay

A coat of mud and ick and shit

Hide her from her prey

Breathless wounded stumbling

Brings mirth to eyes so fey

He searching for an exit

To shun her with the day

Finally he finds it

A crack within the street

Encircled by sunlight

Safe from her deceit?

No matter for she rises

And smiles at his despair

For hags can stand the day just find

And he’s cornered in her lair

Poem – Victory

Prepare your eyes for tears of laughter

Your cups to brim forever after

To loose your guard but for an hour

For finally we’ve come to power

Sheath the blade and clean the stains

Drink away the aches and pains

Embrace to breast all men’s delights

Dance deep into weary nights

Look around all look the same

Smiles show with our king’s name

Rejoice for now oppression wanes

Till war’s cry the mirth remains

A Collision With Fantasy

Through the forest speeds a motorcycle

One riding without wheels

An avalanche of bitter things

On its metal heels

A woman’s voice calls to me

It shakes the very world

I ignore it but see reality

Around me melt and swirl

The vivid image tainted by

Ugly urban grey

Fluorescent lighting dims the sun

In its sickly way

Yet again she calls me

The motor cycle dances

All the butterfly face me

With expression of surprise

I’m being asked a question

My teacher looking stern

I don’t know I don’t give a shit

I’m ejected from the class

I’ll do anything to escape that boring mass