Darkness pressed against my brothers grating smooth and solid bodies

Clicking upwards incrementing climbing to the destined chamber

Name engraved upon my chest the spirit I am meant to swallow

Churning restless springs and clicking cracking breaking flashing streaking

Ever nearing freedoms doorway desperate man rushing us through

Great explosions drawing closer sounds of purpose echo

Every moment stronger throbbing each of us embracing fate

Open before me pushed right through tension breaks deafeningly


Then I’m spinning on an axis

Through a tunnel that ends in light

I’m roaring compensating

for all those years of cloistered silence


a flash of light and puff of smoke

a grand performer I emerge

pirouetting endlessly

in the arms of gravity


rush by all the world I’m whistling

sun dancing on my copper frame

the glories of the earth about me

all blur into a streak of grey


the man he doesn’t see me

he stands frozen with the world

his eyes wild with rage and terror

uniform pressed and handsome


I tear into him

The head of a lance

His eye the eye of the needle

I make to thread his skull


Stringing a trail of blood

Collapsing against his mass

Burrowing tearing Ripping shredding

His mind impedes my progress


A wet explosion greets me

I surface from him a disk

Flipping madly with momentum

Followed by a guiser of life


My purpose accomplished

Embedded in a wall

For some adventuresome youth to dig out

A hundred years from now

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