Poem – Sharp Tongue’ed Girl

inspired by: Air – Robert burns

I was once young at some time in the past

Though no longer still I love a young lass

My mother was pretty but such insults she’d hurl

No wonder I fall for a sharp tongue’ed girl


First of my loves was a mouth full of lies

Blonde hair to her waist pools of amber for eyes

Her madness was plain but with skin white as pearl

I was blind to the faults of my sharp tongue’ed girl


Her bites and her scratches cross my back in patches

But I couldn’t stomach the look of her glasses

When for this I left her she thought me a churl

And thus I abandoned my sharp tongue’ed girl


Hungry for love desperate for a taste

I found a new warmth in a brownies embrace

Her lips taste sweet so I gave her a twirl

And found myself bound to a sharp tongue’ed girl


This one a tease, a light tawny prude

But she fell all the same despite thinking me rude

I enjoyed her lust as I watched her unfurl

And stole from the world another sharp tongue’ed girl


Though I’m now old my new loves are the same

Always at their prime and never are they tame

Even now I still bite, at each dancing herl*

And fall yet again for a sharp tongue’ed girl


*  a fishing lure

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